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Welcome to the one-stop-shop for all of your kdb+ online training needs provided by AquaQ Analytics. Our online training courses will help you to hone your kdb+ knowledge as a novice user, or to take your q programming skills to the next level and beyond. For more information on kdb+ please see our FAQ.

Online Training Courses

In addition to our classroom training courses for kdb+, we currently offer three online training courses. Each course includes:

  • a set of video tutorials covering the key aspects of each unit
  • a set of downloadable slides associated with each video tutorial
  • self-assessment questions within each unit, and a final assessment test
  • extended downloadable question and answer sets - to work on outside of the course
  • a comprehensive list of web links for further understanding
  • training support provided by email
  • certificate of completion virtual badge for those who attain sufficient scores in the assessments

Click here to learn more about new courses coming soon to AquaQ.


kdb+ Taster

kdb+ Taster is a free course which allows you to try out a selection of our videos and questions with no additional commitment. This course includes video tutorials on downloading kdb+, basic operations in q, running simple QSQL queries and interacting with kdb+ from a Web Browser. See the Taster syllabus for more information.                                                          


kdb+ Bootcamp 

kdb+ Bootcamp is aimed at developers and data analysts who are new to kdb+ and want to obtain a good grounding in the use of the technology. This is the equivalent of a 3-day introductory classroom-based training course in kdb+. See the Bootcamp syllabus for more information.  



kdb+ Booster 

kdb+ Booster is a shorter course aimed at end-users who want to learn how to query and analyse data from an existing kdb+ database. This course covers Select Statements, Table Joins and Data Analytics using q. For more information see the Booster syllabus.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Enterprise Rates for Organizations

As well as providing online training courses to individuals, we also cater to organizations who may have more than one learner they wish to train. Please contact us directly to find out more about our Enterprise Rates for our online training courses. We can assist you with a bulk purchase of course Tokens or with an Annual Unlimited Course Access Agreement.

Classroom Training

If you would like us to deliver a classroom training course to your organization, please contact us directly.

AquaQ Analytics

AquaQ Analytics is a provider of specialist data management, data analytics and data mining services to clients operating within the capital markets and other sectors. Our domain knowledge, combined with advanced analytical techniques and expertise in best-of-breed technologies, helps our clients get most out of their data.

AquaQ TorQ Framework for kdb+

Take a look at our free AquaQ TorQ Framework for kdb+ that was released back in February 2014 to the kdb+ community. This Framework will get you started on any application you may wish to develop on top of kdb+.