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kdb+ Taster

kdb+ Taster is a free course which allows you to try out a selection of our videos and questions with no additional commitment. This course includes video tutorials on downloading kdb+, basic operations in q, running simple QSQL queries and interacting with kdb+ from a Web Browser. Hopefully you'll get hooked!  Learn more


kdb+ Booster

kdb+ Booster is a shorter course aimed at end-users who want to learn how to query and analyse data from an existing kdb+ database. This course covers Select Statements, Table Joins and Data Analytics using q.  Learn more

£ 400.00

kdb+ Bootcamp

kdb+ Bootcamp is aimed at developers and data analysts who are new to kdb+ and want to obtain a good grounding in the use of the technology. This is the equivalent of a 3-day introductory classroom-based training course in kdb+.  Learn more

£ 600.00

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