What courses are coming soon to AquaQ Analytics Training?

1. Developer Extension Course  
Topics covered will include: 

Advanced IPC

  • Message Handlers (.z.p*)
  • Optimal use of asynchronous messaging, including deferred synchronous and postbacks.
  • Permissioning databases and controlling access
  • Customising the web interface


  • Making schema modifications
  • Modifying kdb+tick: changes to end-of-day procedure, changing subscription lists, adding processes
  • Creating real time subscribers and publishers: design patterns and how to debug
  • Command line options to improve system stability

External Interfacing

  • Writing dataloaders
  • Overview and examples of using web sockets
  • Overview and examples of Java and c# interface
  • Extending kdb+ with a c shared object
2. TorQ Training (free course)
Topics covered will include: 
  • TorQ overview
  • Setup of a an example TorQ system
  • TorQ features

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